We can treat infestations of rats, mice, fleas, bedbugs, wasps, cockroaches, ants, mites, beetles, moths, flies.

We also offer:

Advice and solutions when dealing with safe removal of pigeon faceces and     the installation of control measures.

We provide the following services for our commercial customers:

•   Deal with one off infestations.

•   Arrange flexible or structured pest     management programmed to your     individual business needs .

•   Provide preventative and corrective     solutions in all aspects of pest and bird     control.

Annual Pest Control Contracts

Take out an annual pest control contract and we will provide you with:

•   A consultation with a qualified pest     control officer who will provide advice on     all aspects of pest control.

•   Flexible or structured pest management     programmed to suit your individual     business needs.

•   Complete safety data sheets for any     substance we use on site.

•   Site specific risk assessments and a     breakdown of any control methods used.

•   A written survey report at the end of each     site visit.

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