Depending on the species of bird in question, the animals can create a variety of difficulties.

Some of the winged animals may eat the crops in your vegetable garden, while the roosting habits of others could cause damage to buildings - in all such situations, a quick response with the right bird control product is a must. For example, many birds - particularly pigeons - have very acidic urine, meaning their droppings can cause corrosion, while debris from the creatures - like molted feathers or nesting materials can lead to blockages in guttering or ventilation shafts.

Some types of birds can infiltrate the walls of your home, living inside cavity walls or in the roof space, making terrible messes and causing damage. In addition, if a bird dies in a difficult-to-access space, it could result in unpleasant smells. In addition, many birds carry bacteria and or parasites that can cause people to contract diseases like encephalitis, salmonella, meningitis and toxoplasmosis.

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