There are many different types of insects and parasites that can infest your home, and being able to recognise the problems is the first step towards successful pest control. A parasite that feeds on human blood, bed bugs are known for living in furniture - particularly beds, as well as sofas and upholstered armchairs. They are most active at night, feeding while people are asleep, and they can cause rashes and allergic reactions, as well as psychological effects.

Cockroaches One of the most common household pests, cockroaches usually live off human food and pet food, and often leave unpleasant odours. They can carry microbes on the surface of their bodies, and these can be dangerous to people. The insects can also be linked to allergic reactions in humans, and some are associated with asthma.

Ants These insects are well known for invading homes looking for food and moisture, and eliminating them can be tricky, as they can quickly adapt to change. In fact, many treatments are about temporary controlling the pests, rather than getting rid of them completely.

Fleas  are usually found in homes with pets, and most species of flea prefer to live off of a particular type of host - dogs, cats, rats and humans, for example. They do, however, cross over to feed on other species sometimes and their bites can lead to skin irritations, itchiness and rashes. Some fleas may also carry diseases, bacteria and other parasites.

Moths There are thought to be more than 150,000 species of moth worldwide. As pests they can cause a variety of problems, depending largely on what they feed on - fruit, grains or fabrics for example.

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